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Luzerne County

P25 Public Safety Communications System

Luzerne County, PA

 Through a competitive RFP process, Luzerne County has entered into a twenty-year contract with Motorola Solutions Inc. for a new ASTRO 25 P25 Radio system, including emergency responders’ subscribers and system service plans for the term of the contract.  The ASTRO 25 system includes sixteen radio sites of VHF TDMA ASTRO 25 radio systems, a VHF analog simulcast paging system, MCC7500e dispatch consoles with over 3000 APX mobiles, portables and control stations. To keep the system current, the County will receive necessary system and security upgrades throughout the contract.. The total contract is $24.7M over the twenty-year period.


This site provides information to the public regarding the P25 radio system and the progress of the project overall.  It also serves as a repository for information for Luzerne County P25 radio system users.  Access to the secure areas of the site is limited to members of the Luzerne County Public Safety Community.

To access the secure areas of the website, you will be required to “Log In”. The link is in the upper right-hand corner of this page.  When you click on “Log In”, you will be asked for your email and password.  If you have not “Signed Up”, click on the link and enter a valid email address and a password.  Before your log in is approved, it will be authenticated by Luzerne County 911 personnel. After your account is approved, you will receive an email notifying you that you are now a site member and able to login.

Access to the secure area of the site is limited to Luzerne County emergency services P25 radio system users.

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